Brivo, Inc. is a company providing cloud-based access control and video surveillance products for physical security and internet of things applications. Brivo takes access control completely into the cloud, with a state-of-the art IP system that eliminates nearly all hardware and lets you manage. ADT Security Services and Brivo Systems today announced the implementation of a web-based access control solution for five federal facilities.

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Their interface is geared towards office buildings with things like employee ID and we wanted to use it at two communities and we don’t have employees, we have residents and they didn’t want to accommodate us and allow for searching by address or name, only employee ID. Niksic also added that the new systems put GSA in position to transition toward cloud computing.

ADT Select Entry Hosted and Brivo Web Based Access Control – ppt video online download

As you check in the visitor it adds the credential to the access data base with the access rights you determine, and when they check out or time expires it ad that credential back out. A free subscription to the 1 resource for the residential and commercial security industry will prove to be invaluable.

I agree with smith readers are cheap and if you are going to have access control everyone should have a unique ID number whatever if you are going to adtt just pin numbers you might as well give everyone the same number. Cyber security company Nixu, Suomen Tilaajavastuu and Our experience in online communities allows us to think differently.


The two companies began talking a year ago as ADT searched for a product that could provide an easy access control solution for national customers, said Jamie Rosand, vice president of commercial marketing for ADT in Boca Raton, Fla.

Multi-user messaging platform Sends messages to: News from the startpage. Posted April 21, If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. We have about 1, outstanding “cards”.

Yes, ast are a hosted solution, or if you want you can keep it all in house also as they have an option for that too.

Registration Forgot your password? It is just a lot richer experience at the API level and that translates to a richer experience at the user level. That hurts us as we do all our own work so I would greatly prefer to just buy the equipment at a discount and skip the middleman, but they need money too I suppose.

All I know is what we are using sucks, bad, so I’m looking for options.

Posted March 26, Ad was previously a wholly owned subsidiary of The Duchossois Group, a privately held holding company. The combined offering will be bi-directionally integrated using the open APIs from both companies.

I’ll look at some of the other other options mentioned in the thread also, I do appreciate everyone’s feedback!

ADT Select Entry Hosted and Brivo Web Based Access Control

Wanna interested to buy the soft. We went with a cloud based provider in Arizona, ControlMyDoors. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. How to Sell the Cloud Experience. Brivo Systems LLC has implemented a web-based access control solution for five federal facilities managed by the General Services Brio in Detroit and the Chicago area.


ADT Select Entry Login

And if you want video integration, it’s less right away. As the title states, just looking for insight on Brivo as an access control solution. Published by Sara Leach Modified over 5 years ago. That is why we are using pin numbers and not access cards – for us, in our business, it makes more sense at this time anyway.

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Spent so much on current system I can’t see us spending the 2k a property to get the new hardware seeing as brigo just spent that on many of the properties on the old stuff! We’re going to cards in our main office, but for remote locations where the customers are I think it will be years.

Dubai is on its way to creating one of the most connected We’d have to get cards for even the trash pickup guys and such. Among the five total facilities, card readers will be installed at 55 access points used by 8, employees from about 50 federal agencies.

Began in The only supplier in the electronic access control industry to offer both Web-hosted and Web-based solutions for your customers Allows us to bgivo the right product for the application.

Auth with social network: They get passed around. EVen though the monthly fees are higher than Brivo, it would cost less to use I-ACS than anything else over the course of a few years.