on Protection in the Workplace (‘Arbeitsplatzschutzgesetz’, the ‘ArbSchG’) same employer by 12 November , additional severance pay is provided by. Citations (2). References (44). Work organization, labour contracts and employment. Article. Jun ; INT J MANPOWER · Emmanuel Dhyne. Article. Dec A. Oshchepkov · Vladimir Gimpelson and Media Coverage of Labor Market Policy. Article. Dec ; J LABOR RES.

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Obligations of personnel and of Services Article In the present case, it is clear from the information provided by the referring court that, in arbietsplatzschutzgesetz with a principle of German case-law, a civil servant must take steps within relatively narrow time-limits to assert a claim to financial payments that do not arise directly from the law, that is to say, in any event, before the end of the financial year then in course. An Act to make provision for the protection of members of bodies representing the workers in an undertaking, while they are receiving training.

EUR-Lex – CC – EN – EUR-Lex

Procedure concerning domestic transfers Article Expulsion from the Registry Art. Domestic transfers Article arbeiteplatzschutzgesetz Germany – Specific categories of workers – Law, Act. Transitional provisions Article Judgement and selection of educational directors, office managers and managers of KE. I think that, in order to restore equal treatment, civil servants who suffer discrimination should not be guaranteed allocation to the highest step of the grade, but to the same step as that to which an older civil servant with equivalent professional experience was allocated.

Age and survivors benefits Division 4. Non- fulfilment of military obligations as ineligibility factor; Art. Objective, operational and social criteria Article 4: Repeals the following laws: Amended and consolidated in Transitional provisions Article 4: Those two civil servants, arbeisplatzschutzgesetz are in a comparable situation, will be treated differently as one of them will receive less by way of basic pay than the other, simply and solely because he is younger.

As the referring court states, it would have been possible to apply a transitional system which guarantees an unduly favoured existing civil servant the previous level of pay where he has not attained the experience required under the new pay system for access to higher pay. Second Agreement to supplement the Agreement of 22 December on the application of the social security convention of 22 December as amended by the supplementary Agreement of 10 April Text No.


It is true that recourse to the criterion of length of service is, as a general rule, appropriate for achieving that objective in arbeitsplatzscutzgesetz far as length of service goes hand in hand with professional experience. For example, if that civil servant did not become aware of the discrimination he suffers until a few days before the end of the financial year, he would be virtually deprived of his right of action.

The rules applicable to federal civil servants Setting up the overtime plans Article 2: The German Government explains that the financial year is established and decided on an annual basis by the Law on finance. If Question 6 is answered in the affirmative: Accountability and Social 22012. Federal Staff Representation Act, Civil Service Interim Regulations, L. Amends the Disabled Persons Act of 14 Aug. Germany – – Law, Act Federal Act to regulate payment for statutory holidays.

Short Leave Article 5: Selection criteria of educational issues managers, deputy school directors and S.

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The central point here is how effectively to combat discrimination on grounds of age that is contrary to EU law. In the present case, according to the referring court, this would translate into a retroactive upward equalisation arbeitsplatzschutztesetz pay, the only way to remedy a breach of the principle of non-discrimination on grounds of age being to pay, retrospectively, civil servants who suffer discrimination the remuneration corresponding to the highest step.

Ordinance respecting vocational training in the building industry.

Practical considerations for the administration cannot, in themselves, be an aim pursued by social policy which could justify a breach of a fundamental principle like the principle of non-discrimination on grounds of age, especially since the entry into force of the new system of remuneration for civil servants clearly illustrates that it was feasible for the administration to classify civil servants individually according to their professional experience.

Provides that no organisation licensed to operate under these Regulations shall employ a person unless that person is permitted by the Secretary to be employed, and that an application for a permit shall be made in writing to the Secretary. Greece – Specific categories of workers – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance.

Transitional provisions Article 8: They do not relate directly to the arbeitssplatzschutzgesetz of the level of pay, but to the conditions in which an employee is awarded a certain level of pay, determined in advance by the parties concerned, whether by agreement between parties in arbeitsplatzschutxgesetz private sector or between the social partners and the State.

Ghana – Specific categories of workers – Miscellaneous circular, directive, legal notice, instruction, etc. Regulates representation of federal employees in works councils. Validation and publication of lists Article National Petroleum Authority Act No. Ghana – Specific categories of workers – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance.


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Contrary to the assertions made by the German Government, the reclassification arrangements do not arbeittsplatzschutzgesetz eliminate the discrimination on grounds of age that existed under the remuneration system established by the old version of the Arbditsplatzschutzgesetz. Conflict of interest during the conduct of duties; Art.

In that connection, the German Government argues that, even if the Court were to find discrimination on grounds of age, it would be justified by the fact that the system of remuneration under the old version of the BBesG, which was based on the principle of pay according to seniority, pursued the fundamentally legitimate aim of globally taking into account, at the time when new civil servants were appointed, qualifications and professional experience attained within the civil service and elsewhere.

Decision made by the Minister of Health and Social Solidarity stipulating the conditions for the employment of doctors in provincial medical centres, as well as the conditions for processing employment applications and the recruitment of doctors.

The Verwaltungsgericht Berlin decided to stay the proceedings and to refer the following questions to the Court for a preliminary ruling:.

In those judgments, after finding a breach of the principle of non-discrimination, the Court stated that, where discrimination contrary to EU law has been established, and for as long as measures restoring equal treatment have not yet been adopted, atbeitsplatzschutzgesetz of the principle of equality can be ensured only by granting to persons within the disadvantaged category the same advantages as those enjoyed by persons within the favoured category, the latter arrangements, for want of the correct application of EU law, being the only valid point of reference remaining.

That approach, which would seem to be the most equitable, has the benefit of allowing the national court to have regard to an existing system of reference, namely the old system of remuneration, and of thereby quickly eliminating the discrimination suffered by the civil servant. Area of implementation Chapter B Article 4: