XE. XZE. XE. XZE. Industrial Label Printer | X-Series. dpi. dpi. Trusted Dependability, Quality Assured. Getting Started. Congratulations on choosing the Argox Xellent Series (X-Series) Enter Printer name (i.e. Argox X PPLB) and select “do not share this. ARGOX X is ideal for applications that require small labels or textile media. Provides greater productivity.

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Windows ServerR2,R2, and To enable Peeling function, set by the LCD panel. Cutter mode automatically cuts the label after it prints. Unless changed via panel or command the parameter is saved even if you restart the printer. Printing job will start until the temperature of TPH goes down.

Peel-off mode peels backing material away from the label as it prints. Loose the screws at both sides and rotate counter-clockwise: The driver should now be installed.

Ribbon Tension Adjustment Peel Off Mode Loading Media Related Products Read More. Do not change settings during printing or sending printing data.

Argox X | RBS Ltd

Pin assignments are arox follows: Open the top cover to access the print head module 3. Once it happens, rotate counter-clockwise control knob of ribbon supply, to increase ribbon tension to balance the tension. Select Install printer drivers and Click “Next” 65 8. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Remove the outside media guide. Scan product name and number from printed bar codes using the barcode reader.


Troubleshooting Normally, if the printer is in not working properly, the “READY” LED blinks continuously, and printing and communication between the host and printer stops. Cutter, Peeler, media stacker. Turn off the printer, connect the keyboard and then turn on the printer. Rotary Cutter With Paper Jam Repeat if necessary until the cotton is clean after it is passed over the head. Ragox select proper settings via Seagull Driver for printer.

If damage has occurred, contact your shipping company immediately to file a claim. Push down the peel-off mechanism release lever and lead the media under the peeler module.

During turning the Cam of cutter, release the blade from paper and them remove the paper from the cutter. Making a Keyboard Form 1. Remove the top cover on both left and right sides. Even though the “Add Printer Wizard” is from Microsoft, it too easily performs a number of tasks incorrectly when updating existing drivers.

Argox X-3200 Manuals

Put z-3200 media end on the roller. Insert the left side of cutter bracket 7 aegox secure the two screws 6 to the print module. Send the file, KBD. The printer will then feed the labels through the cutter automatically. Printer will enter Dump mode after printing configuration.

Do not connect this pin if you use a general host such as a PC. Such proprietary information may not be used, reproduced, or disclosed to any other parties for any other purpose without the expressed written permission of Argox Information Co. Printer finds the first label gap when print head is closed. Unwrap the ribbon and separate the ribbon roll from the bare core.


Changing Settings From The Panel Then install the ribbon: Lead the media through the print head module and under the paper sensor guide. Make a form for the keyboard. Step 4 is automatically repeated. Need to reboot the system. Delete by application software for those no longer in use. Before calibration, be sure media zrgox ribbon for thermal transfer printing have been loaded correctly.

A label is printed.

It is intended solely for the information and use of parties operating and maintaining the equipment described herein. Roll-feed, die-cut, continuous, fan-fold, tags, ticket in thermal paper or plain paper and fabric label.

Ideal for applications that require small labels or textile media.

It also badly handles the situation where a printer driver is already in use by a Windows x-300. Cleaning The Print Head RS, parallel, and USB interfaces allow easy plug-and-play integration with your current system. The other end of the cable connects to a serial port on the host computer.