manual may not match the operation of the Rolacue. of the Pearl or Sapphire up and running very quickly, and secondly to provide. Avolites pearl manual pdf. PDF It can determine which Gigabyte GA-. K8U- Motherboard Drivers For Windows 7 are either missing, corrupt, or. The user manuals for the Pearl / Pearl Tiger are well written and those The Avolites Pearl / / / / Olympic Limited.

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Prism or might be whole fixtures that you no longer want in the memory. Fixture selection, groups and navigation are essential to be able handle large lighting rigs efficiently.

It seems to always be the case that no matter what desk you operate there are things one avolihes about each that are not common. Axel April 12, at 3: This is another example of how the Pearl gives you some a powerful programming tools in a simple format.

Saravana March 10, at 3: The Off function can tidy up cues or be used as a tool to create extremely versatile playback situations.

Avolites > Software > Downloads

The Pearl gives you the manuual to Include individual attributes using the peatl buttons on the right. Using colour mixing fixtures, you get the option to align each colour flag e. This button toggles the recording mode while you are working which is useful if you are recording different types of memory or using By Channel to edit existing ones.

Dear Rob, I lost my avolite pearl key. Is the Pearl Simulator compatible with Pearl and Pearl consoles?

The desk is in service mode. It involves running the app in a legacy compatibility mode. I still just record groups using an easy numbering system and call them up from the keypad. Just remember that the group will align to the first fixture you select.


Rob Sayer October 4, at It might be just an attribute eg. I have a question. pear

Saravanan March 9, at 6: Is it possible to create a shape, and name all the parameters that need to be set? The Align Fixtures option aligns all parameters. Ric April 24, at Im just getting into lighting and was wondering where I can find the link for the simulator? Include can be used in lots of way to copy programming, adjust it and save it away somewhere else. I like the size of the tiger and it looks sexy,lol… I have mostly been hacking away at it and though I manuall it work I mostly run shows in peal program manuwl.

Is there a spare key inside the desk? Professional lighting consoles have a function for easily removing data from a cue. Rob Sayer April 13, at 8: Does anybody know where you can sell your second hand pearl keyboard? Can I load a show from Pearl Simulator to Pearl console?

As far as I am aware you can edit the file that sets the parameters of shapes in a text editor, if you want to do that the best place for information would be the Avo forums.

So, the Align function helps us to get our ducks in a row. Choosing EXIT No extracts all the Gobo values from the Submaster — Good if you wanted to include the whole cue, but forgot that you had some fixtures selected. The key to using these features on the Pearl is to experiment and see them work before understanding how they can help your particular style as an operator.


I am not an Avo personaility file guru but it coud be possible at. A good lighting desk should have a half decent set of fixture selection tools. Thanks for you time and the tips, I hope my tiger will eventually eat my hog. The other hack technique is to follow the key switch wiring back to the connector and remove the connector.

If you have a lot of other non-LED related programming then you can at least salvage this. Often called Record Remove, it allows the operator to select fixtures, attributes and then use mahual Record command to delete them. This file resides on any of the Personality Disks grab one from the Avo downloads site and can be updated via the System screens. That sets up Remove for those fixtures.

Jim December 20, at 9: The ALL button reselects all the fixtures once again. Let us know how you get on. You manyal repatch the DMX to another handle faderwhich essentially moves it BUT it also loses all programmed information for that fixture — effectively starting again.

Avolites Pearl & Pearl Tiger Operator Tools and Time Savers

You could also use this to Record Remove get rid of unwanted fixtures in a memory. Having selected our Spots with 2 keystrokes, we might want to navigate around that group adjusting parameters. The can be useful when creating a one-shot chase for some fancy changes.