Hello! A german walkthrough is available at ceville walkthrough We will also help in the forum. Kind regards!. Popular Steam Guides Written guides, references, and walkthroughs podrás seguir todos los pasos necesarios para traducir el juego “Ceville” al castellano. For Ceville on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled “Link to walkthrough:”.

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Go to throne room door.

Go to dumbwaiter in dining room. Talk to the guards about the flag.

Talk to the elf ambassador until she says she threw the key of the lock to the shrubbery. They raise a flag to let the guards know. He says he is thirsty. Lilly places the project book in the inbox.

Push chef encase in block of ice with properly mounted wheels. Look close and see the 3 elements in a circle. Try to take the ball of wool. L illy or Ceville: The cat jumps on the swinging basket. Use the broom to set the clock. Check the levers right cegille left right of the auditorium door.


This file is a copyrighted work and posted to the UHS web site with permission. Use the throne room key with door.

See the gold price display at right. See the parrot on tree branch. Thus the election is invalidated. Use the crowbar with snack machine and get large pile of coins.

CEVILLE walkthrough

Get rid of the reformed villains: Use the spade with sand dune. The ambassadors are taking their time to get here.

Lilly mentions that right tool is needed to detect the key. Take the laundry ticket from the stage floor. Use sticky stage hook with sleeping fairy to get the magic wand.

Read the large sign at right and see that the house is for the Villains Anonymous. Take the chef’s hat from floor. Click the well and get copper coin with a hole. In inventory, use glue with wanted poster to get sticky wanted poster. Stack Center and stack multiple super size images.


Go down to the stage. Use axe with rope behind the throne. Faeryanis proper castle is at bottom left and the cut trees at top left is the land of the elves. Float Left Center Float Right. The pillory has a padlock at left. Use hamster wheel on dumbwaiter crank.

Ceville Hints from UHS — Not Your Ordinary Walkthrough

Use the kitchen door. Look around the reception area. Immediately, right click the nest at top of the branch above the elf ambassador. Talk to the guards. Lilly is ordered to clean the laboratory. What size image should we insert? It is the recipe for chocolate covered cherries – just like the one pictured behind the little castle cveille the hamster.