The task at hand this time was to follow up one of the most successful d20 releases of all time,. Traps & Treachery. In some ways it was easy, the formula for . Traps & Treachery Fantasy Flight Games is no stranger to the hobby game industry. paper, similar to the pages at the beginning of the D&D 3e PHB and DMG. traps & treachery ii – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. D20 DnD Unofficial the Quintessential Rogue II. Uploaded.

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Traps & Treachery

Guildmaster is just that, a thief prestige class for those who intend to run their own guilds or organizations. This book is chock full of possibilities for expanding on those. Yes, this book has a lot tra;s offer any and every campaign that you could think of. The other chapters of the book is average to good.

Traps and Treachery II

Compare a spell stat block to a trap stat block. Where are the playtesters! To see the graded evaluation of this product, go to The Critic’s Corner at www.

Sunday, 19th May, Chapter 2 – Trap Design: Poison section is way more interesting and informative then its equivalent in DMG including the much more detailed instructions on preparation, pricing and categorizing variety of poisons. The margin design art is made to make resemble crinkled edges of sheets of vellum. Sunday, 9th June, Forget the or so page count.


Two short sections discuss detecting and disarming traps in relation to DCs for Search and Disable Device skills. Trap Design If you run a classical campaign with trap filled labyrinths, then you may have felt that the DMG scrimped a little on its guidelines for creation of new traps by the DM.

New equipment and magic items, such as night drops, an alchemical substance that temporarily grants the user darkvision.

A section entitled The Business Of Thievery 12 pages looks at thieves’ guilds: Note to other d20 publishers: Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, If anything is going to challenge the OGL guidelines, this’d do it.

New items section is as useful as such trps section can be — it is nothing to be amazed at, but there are some items I have not thought before and prices and descriptions for some I have. Spell level x caster level x some factor, see DMG.

Thursday, 28th March, A single city specialist; something absolutely necessary in the campaigns featuring Lankhmar, Greyhawk, Ankh-Morpork or any other huge fantasy city. You will not regret it. These two chapters combine to 83 pages and make up the main point of the book.

Reason 2 was that I really love the d20 mechanics for traps. By now, there is about as much, if not more, useful material as I expect to get from the upcoming Song and Silence book at least from the Silence part of it but, lo, here comes additional pages of absolute utility. Conclusions This should make a decent addition to the library of a DM of a campaign that prominently feature either urban elements or trap filled labyrinths, and players who frequently play rogue PCs should consider it as well.


I do honestly believe that no DM whatsoever should miss this one and that even the players who play thieves can find value in it even if your Dm makes you tear out the last pages and hand them to her.

There is a new NPC Thug maybe the best part of this section. Combined, these give me some concerns about the use of space in the book; the book feels rather “padded” to me.

Hey, the advertisement said so, didn’t it? Text and images are copyrighted by the original publisher. Puzzles 19 pages discusses different types of puzzles that a DM could introduce into an adventure. Text density and white space are slightly above average and, as noted, there is a lot of adn here.