Reviews of Economix “I just cannot stress enough how amazing this book is!. Liked this? Check out: My comic explaining the Trans-Pacific Partnership. About the Author Michael Goodwin is a freelance writer who has always loved.

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Third Goodwin explains these theories and their flaws, he notes that Smith understood that Capitalism out of control leads to bad results for society this is not mentioned much in econ ecoonmix even though it is clearly mentioned in Wealth of Nations Many would attempt to argue that it comkc a dumbed down economics books because it is written in graphic novel form. Economix is a useful and entertaining manual for the functions of the economy.

At one point in the book, you step out of the book and speak about how you’re directly injecting your values It loves both socialism AND capitalism, free market AND regulations, thinks of ecpnomix economy as a balancing act.

This naturally increases the demand, but the demand reaches stability after a maximum amount of tourists arrive. Certainly, Sanders had an uphill battle from the beginning.

About the Author & Artist | Economix Comix

Cmoic all 10 comments. I was expecting not to like it, but I needed to mix some light reading into my schedule, and blew through Economix in a few hours. Spending cuts and “austerity” thrust on the general population, while billions are spent on bailing out banks from the downsides of their stupidly risky investments.

The political impact of the book is, for now, rather small. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Good ‘ol Karl is mentioned just a few times in this book, and it’s actually pretty decent.


He then proceeds to dissect, in detail, the revolt of the rich and powerful and the means by which they have solidified their hold on our economy and by extension, the future. Good introduction to basic economics and its history primarily via the U. The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power. I kept thinking, ‘wow, there really isn’t anything new under the sun’, as so much of our current situation is a repeat of the past.

Follow through on that. And yes, it’s got a liberal, mixed-economy, basic social services like utilities, education, maybe health care! I also benefited from Khan Academy videos from economic section.

This book is a year t Way back in the day, when we had to walk uphill both ways to get to class, students were co,ic to take Macroeconomics Stevens Institute of Technology. As he puts it early on, economics seems horribly complicated mostly because we’re looking at it all at once. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Soms lijkt het alsof bepaalde begrippen verondersteld gekend zijn. Mike has spent several years in China as well as India; his previous efforts include interpreting Chinese, comix comedy, photography, disaster relief, dealing art ineptlyand writing about medicine.

Visually, it’s quite compelling. Ik zou met veel plezier een gelijkaardig stripboek lezen dat zich meer richt op de Europese en Belgische economie en geschiedenis, inclusief het kolonialisme en de meest recente ontwikkelingen zoals de migratiestroom die nogal hoog op de politieke agenda staat, bliksemafleider?

Economix: How and Why Our Economy Works (and Doesn’t Work), in Words and Pictures

In full disclosure, I am a fiscal conservative so the author’s blatant liberalism would be something I wouldn’t agree with anyway.

This is hand-wavy, but hand-wavy in an important way: Can anyone suggest me a book that basically explains all these econ related terminologies in layman’s terms?


There was a reason Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned, after all. His arg An amazingly clear, concise, informative, and entertaining overview of the history of economics and really, the economics of history. Even in the most ridiculous of dream worlds, Sanders could not have possibly won the nomination after May 3—at that comuc, he needed more pledged delegates, but there were only available in the remaining contests. But this show them all.

Apr 17, Courtney rated it really liked it Shelves: Knowing about economics is powerful knowledge; those who control wealth benefit from our ignorance. Previously I read from laissez-faire view, social Democratic, and state communism. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Comiv Economix allowed me to fully comprehend economic aspects of European and United States history, as well as its relations with politics and society.

This isn’t the page on Capital, and this book is supposed to be an overview, but it’s still a significant distortion of Marx’s theories.

Economics in Comics!

It’s basically a cartoon history of the world economy and of economic theory, from Adam Smith up to or so. Economix explains Social Security. Coming from a guy who likes capitalism AND socialism, I feel like this is the perfect book. If they A few friends recommended Economix to me, so I picked it up the other day. Burr, that explains the economy.