Gregory Possehl. The second, revised edition of this magisterial work by a leading Indus scholar and synthesizer of the many theories about ancient Indus times. Gregory L. Possehl, Ph.D † Professor Emeritus, Department of Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania Curator Emeritus, Asian Section, University of. Gregory L. Possehl’s 3 research works with citations and reads, including: The transformation of the Indus Civilization. Gregory L. Possehl has expertise.

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These considerations begin with the establishment of village farming communities and the role of food production in the processes that lead to urban life.

Mohenjo-daro and Harappa, in collaboration with Richard H.

Possehl, Gregory L., Ph.D

Indian Archaeology, A Review: Retrieved 13 September This is a festschrift for the friend, colleague and mentor, Professor Walter A. Introduction of African millets to the Indian subcontinent. Leiden and New York: These are presented in the paper noted above in South Asian Archaeology African millets in South Asian prehistory.

He received his B. South Asian Studies 6: The dean of North American Indus scholars, Gregory Possehl, attempts here to marshal the state of knowledge about this fascinating culture in a readable synthesis.

The model of punctuated equilibrium presented here is challenging the general principles of uniformitarianism, paralleled in many disciplines, especially geology, biological evolution and linguistics. Essays in honour of Professor B.


The site contains the largest and best preserved Bronze Age cemetery in the region as well as a series of 3rd millennium habitation areas featuring large, circular structures known as “towers. Click greglry highlighted titles for more information!

Walter Ashlin Fairservis, Jr. As a sourcebook for scholars, a textbook for archaeology students, and an informative volume for the lay reader, The Indus Civilization will be an exciting and informative read.

Possehl has written and edited a number of important books on the Indus Civilization and related topics. The Architecture of the Indus Age. A notice of early twentieth century commerce between Philadelphia and India. In addition he offers a number of hypotheses that will serve as catalysts for academic debate.

Gregory Possehl

He retired inbecoming Professor Emeritus and Curator Emeritus. Possehl was a leading expert on the rise of the Indus civilization in India and Pakistan,” Penn biographical notes state. That ancient Indus society, researched at more than 2, archaeological sites along the Indus and Sarasvati Rivers, existed from to B.

Kegan Paul International in association with the British Museum. The seal impressions and other finds.

Gregory Possehl – Wikipedia

Offering the best available presentation of the Indus civilization, this volume successfully fulfills the needs of both general readers and specialists Possehl wrote on his website, he spent nine seasons on excavations of ancient sites in the Indian state of Gujarat.


The Art of the Indus Civilization. Occasional publication of the Asian Section. User Review – Flag as inappropriate usefull book. Greg Possehl has authored numerous books and papers contributing to the understanding of the archaeology of the Indian Subcontinent.

New perspectives from the field. The study of the Indus Civilization since Indian independence.

Gregory L. Possehl; spent years digging up history

Born in Tacoma, Wash. He examines the economic, agricultural, religious and artistic aspects of this ancient civilisation and draws some startling conclusions Global Environment Change, vol. Global Environmental Change, Vol. Linden Soft Verlag e.

Harappan architecture and civil engineering. Since I have had an active program of field research in the state of Gujarat, in India, where I have undertaken excavation at three sites: He is also posssehl by former wife Ann Taylor and companion Susan West.

With contributions from Gregory L.