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He is the most responsible of Aslaug’s sons, he does klich initially take part in viking raids, prefering to stay home and protect Kattegat. When Astrid becomes pregnant, Harald become increasingly fond and protective of her, not knowing the child might not be his.

She also forms a close bond with Ragnar, providing him with a drug and becoming his lover. He is married to Princess Judith, with whom he has a son, Prince Aethelred.

He is killed in battle. The fall challenge was a fun project: Ragnar and Aslaug’s third son. When Astrid consents, they are married. He was killed by Ragnar with the Blood Eagle, for having attacked his people and his family.

Eventually, he defects to the Franks and is made Duke of Normandy. Based on the historical Horik I. She and Bjorn have a secret affiar.

When Harald Finehair attempts to raid Wessex, Heahmund fights in the frontline.

Gudrun Kulich Croxi Croc & the tasty flamingo (c)

His ships create a revolution in shipwrighting. Vikings is inspired by the sagas of Viking Ragnar Kulicchone of the best-known legendary Norse heroes and notorious as the scourge of England and France. Pretender to the throne of Mercia. The show portrays Ragnar as a former farmer who rises to fame by successful raids into England, and eventually becomes king of Denmarkwith the support of his family and fellow warriors: Harald travels to York and manipulates Ivar’s govenor into defecting to his side.


She drowns while attempting to save Ragnar’s children from a similar fate.

After the death of his father, he seeks vengeance against Ragnar and his family. Thursday, November 10, Lots of Treats in October.

Ravelry: Grail of the Dragon pattern by Amigurumi Artist

In the second part of season 4, Magnus is portrayed by Cameron Hogan. He is killed by Lagertha after multiple incidents of abuse. Her brother was killed by Kjetill’s father prior to the events of the series.

She is later kidnapped by king Harald whom she marries. Loosely based on the Norse chief Sinric who took part in the Siege of Paris — He has an incestuous relationship with his sister, Therese.


In the first part of season 4, Ubbe is portrayed by recurring child actor Luke Shanahan and guest actor Jordan Patrick Smith. The rules for the challenge called for each member gudrub upload 3 entries of what gudrub considered to be their finest work to the “Best of ” photo folder.

A noblewoman, Roland’s sister, and Count Odo’s mistress. Ragnar and Aslaug’s fourth and most violent son. She has a legitimate son with Aethelwulf, Aethelred, and an illegitimate one kulih Athelstan, Alfred.

We have also seen white winter bears, a russian matryoshka doll, a warm green colored doll and even an easter duck. Through Heahmund’s influence the Noremen are given sanctuary in return for fighting against other viking raiders.


Congratulations to this year’s winners! In the battle he is wounded by arrows and killed by Gunnhild. He is married to his former slave Freydis, who manipulates him and inflates his ego. He dreams of becoming Bretwalda and becomes an unlikely friend of Ragnar. He is killed by Thorgrim.

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Lagertha’s second husband and Earl of Hedeby. After spending most of his life as a hostage he is evicted by Aethelwulf when Ragnar denies being his father. He grows to resent Ragnar’s ambitions to raid the West, and sees Ragnar’s growing popularity as a threat to his rule.

Heahmund yudrun for Ivar against Lagertha, but is captured in the initial battle. Retrieved gudrub December Charles is a composite character drawing from the historical Charles the Bald grandson of Charlemagne who first defended Paris from the VikingsCharles the Fat who commanded Odo and Charles the Simple who encountered Rollo, and may have had a daughter Gisela.

Ruler of one of England’s ancient kingdoms and the first to be attacked by Ragnar.