COURSE MATERIAL(LECTURE NOTES) IT Software Project Management UNIT II 34 • These curves are based on the Case A and Case B cash flow. View Notes – SWPM_UNIT1_ from IT at VELAMMAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. IT Software Project Management Prof. IT Lecture Notes Syllabus: UNIT I INTRODUCTION TO SOFTWARE PROJECT MANAGEMENT Project Definition – Contract Management – Activities .

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Give the difference between personal and organizational stress. Start and end dates Who will carry it out What tools and materials would be needed. Overall objective user satisfaction with software product Analyst goal accurate requirements Developer goal reliable software Measures of effectiveness How do we know that the goal or objective has been achieved?

Tracking software testing 7th sem notes By: How are decision trees helpful in risk handling?

Tracking software testing 7th sem notes

With this approach, More information. The general purpose of this part of planning operation is to ensure that the appropriate methods are used for the project.

Revise plan to create controllable activities break up very long activities into a series of smaller ones bundle up very short activities create check lists? The project will be regarded as a success if.

Software Project Management

lecturf It needs to organize and translate those requirements into a form that developers can understand and relate to. Download Section – 7th and 8th Semester. Participate in the strategic management of software development. If anything is not covered, find out why then make the proper arrangements.


Difference between contract management and technical project management.

An uncommon state of nature, characterized More information. Introductions RAD refers to a development life cycle designed to give much faster development and higher quality systems than the traditional More information.

Notes; SEM tracking software testing 7th sem notes 5.

What are you busy about? Marimuthu Lesson Plan for Activities covered by project management Time: This document contains introduction to P2ware Project Manager 7 views P2ware Project Manager 7 walkthrough and shows how to create high quality plans More information. Getting the advisor In many aspects lecfure activity planning and following through, it is highly recommended that you seek an advisor, or an adult staff member who is willing to assist you in planning and supervising the follow through of your plans.

Plan Create a plan for More information. Remember to list very specific recommendations. Chapter 2 Answers 1 d They are all of equal importance unless otherwise stated The Triple Constraint of Project Management is that Scope, Time, and Cost are all equal unless otherwise defined as such. Derivation – what is it based on? How to calculate the net present value for a software project?

For example, have the person assigned to handle registration for the activity actually practice having the check in table go through the simulation of collecting money and stamping hands for a dance. Feasibility study Is project technically feasible and worthwhile from a it24033 point of view? List the various motivation theories. Software project management notes ebook free download pdf.


IT Software Project Management Lecture Notes – SEC Edition

The software development life-cycle is a methodology that also forms the framework for planning and controlling the creation, testing, and delivery of an information system. Introduction to Project Management Manageement s not enough to be busy. What is project schedule? Explain what is a More information. It needs to communicate and elicit the requirements of the users, speaking in their language.

Your objective is to schedule. How are leadership style classified?

IT SOFTWARE PROJECT MANAGEMENT Lecture Notes for IT – Seventh (7th) semester – by han

State the main More information. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted More information. For each stage of a typical IS development project list the type of personnel who are likely to be involved.

Describe software development life-cycle ISO Marimuthu Lesson Plan for project definition Time: To enable students to understand the basic concepts of Project management. Document purpose 1 3. What are the different types of cost related to project development?