Revision of the JKR Building Specifications started in. involving Civil engineers and the Architects. • The specifications was completed and applied to. Wednesday, October 22, JKR – Standard Specifications For Building Works How much for the specs handbook? Reply. JABATAN KERJA RAYA MALAYSIA. STANDARD SPECIFICATION. FOR ROAD WORKS. Section 4: Flexible Pavement. CAWANGAN JALAN,. IBU PEJABAT.

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Demolition Of Existing Structures 3. Chutes extending to near the base shall be employed for raking piles of large diameter. This shall include the type of compaction plant for each type of material and the number of passes in relation to the loose depth of material to achieve desired compaction. The contractor shall make sure the side-wall of the borrow pits is stable, protect the slope surface by turfing and shall carry out other necessary erosion and environmental protection measures following the agreed method statement or as instructed by the S.

Any spilled oil and grease shall be promptly removed by the Contractor. If any area is found not to be watertight, the Contractor must repair at his own expense. Each layer shall consist of reasonably well graded rock and all large voids with averaging dimension of exceeding mm shall be filled with broken fragments before the next layer is placed.

At all joints, the trench shall be excavated to give a minimum working space of not less than mm all-round the joint. Whether the Contractor obtains materials from the designated or his own borrow pit, it shall be his responsibility to ascertain the suitability of the pit with respect to the quantity and quality of the materials, which shall be subjected to the approval of the S. Mild steel cramps shall be 25 mm x 3 mm x mm long for fixing wooden frames, etc. Drywall screws shall be at least 10 mm longer than total thickness of plasterboards on each side of the partition wall.


If the concrete pile is extended or capped for the purpose of testing, a further three 3 cubes shall be made from the corresponding batch of concrete. The finished surface shall not deviate from the required profile by more than 5 mm over a 3 m gauge length or have any abrupt irregularities of more than 3 mm. Only very minor surface blemishes shall occur, with no staining or discoloration.

The Contractor must make sure that not more than half of the width of a roadway specificatiion be disrupted at any one time during the sewerage work. In Specifocation, large scale details shall take preference over small scale Drawings. Compaction Classes Table D7B: The quality of such relocatable site office shall be of equivalent standard but not inferior to the JKR design type and shall be equipped with similar fittings and furniture as indicated in the JKR design site office. However, higher drops may be allowed provided the mix has been well designed and proportioned.

Design output of the truss members, battens, connections, tiedown and wall plates, anchors, bracings, truss accessories, splicing and stiffeners where related to the analysis shall be included in the design report. This pile shall be treated as a working pile unless otherwise directed by the S. Cramps which are to be fixed to concrete shall be embedded in concrete and built into brickwork as the work proceeds. Use Of Local Materials 7. Damage to piles 2.

Penetration shall be strictly carried 2104 in accordance with the requirements of the DGFR and to the recommendationapproval of the S. The moisture content shall be determined in accordance with one of the methods given in MS Emergency Response Plan; Unless otherwise shown on the Drawings or described in the B.

JKR Standard Specification 2014.pdf

The time interval between completion of boring and placing of concrete should be preferably within six 6 hours. Variations of the surface appearance which do not impair the characteristics of the sheets as defined in MS are permitted. Delete if not applicable. The spigot and socket of each pipe shall be cleaned and lubricated before the running of each joint.


Should the bottom of the trench be inadvertently excavated below the specified level, it shall be brought back at the Contractor’s expense to the correct level with good selected earth, quarry dust or sand carefully rammed into place. The sensitivity of the system shall be at least that of Method 1. Chases and holes through walls and slabs for the passage of pipes, wiring and the like shall be neatly cut or formed.

The concrete of the pile shall be made good either before or together with the casting of the pile cap, all to the satisfaction of the S.

Through or bonded stones shall be used at one stone per meter square for random coursed. It shall have R-Value R2. The type and size of weld shall be as detailed on the Drawings.

Standard Specification – Quantity Surveyor Online

The final set of a pile other than as friction pile, shall be recorded as the penetration in millimetres per 10 blows. Each pipe shall be carefully inspected upon specificatiln at site. The concrete design and design relationships shall be re-established in the case of a prescribed concrete.

Either sawdust or chipped materials shall be ground to fine powder. All expenses incurred in carrying out such sampling, testing and remedial works shall be borne by the Contractor irrespective of whether the tests proved the structure to be sound or otherwise.

All temporary works shall comply with the requirements of BS Pipes And Fittings 5. Weld tests i During production of welded tube piles, at least one 1 radiograph approximately mm long shall be required on each completed length as a spot check on weld quality.

For wet boreholes, i.