Speciesism has 54 ratings and 4 reviews. Wendy said: This is a take-no- prisoners look at human treatment of nonhumans and how such behavior is enabled th. Joan Dunayer is a writer, editor, and animal rights advocate. She is the author of two books, Animal Equality () and Speciesism (). Dunayer graduated. Joan Dunayer is an American writer, editor, and animal rights advocate. “Sexist Words, Speciesist Roots”, in Animals and Women: Feminist Theoretical.

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Views Read Edit View history. As such, Francione would reject these prohibitions. Dunayer shows that “animal laws” dnayer as the Humane Slaughter Act afford nonhumans no meaningful protection. New-speciesists espouse rights for only some nonhumans, those whose minds seem most like those of humans. Tzachi Zamir – – Philosophia 34 4: Paperbackpages. The following, however, gives one pause.

You can help Wikiquote by expanding it. Speciesism examines philosophy, law, and activism in terms of three categories: My library Help Advanced Book Search.

Using one standard for foreign species and a different standard for local species is arbitrary and speciesist. Moreover, in light of the structural defects of animal welfare, any legislative or judicial campaign jown need to be accompanied by a vigorous educational campaign.

To a rights advocate, the whole idea of attempting to calculate which causes more suffering –torturing and killing fewer chickens over a longer period of time [with forced molting] or torturing dnuayer killing more chickens over a shorter period [without forced molting]–is morally objectionable.

Joan Dunayer is a writer, editor, and animal rights advocate.

Lists with This Book. A prohibition against the use of exotic or foreign non-human animals for human companionship fails to protect native or local non-human animals. She defends insects as well as dogs speciesosm other nonhumans, taking the time to show that insects have agency, they think and solve problems although I haven’t read much Francione, it is my understanding that he thinks animal activists should ignore insects.



There would be no fences or any other system of confinement. Again, the only reason why the exception of humans stealing and consuming eggs is present is because the prohibition in question is incremental and, as such, it does not result in the complete abolition of all non-human animal exploitation.

Hence, after complete abolition, they would be placed in sanctuaries that are acceptable to genuine abolitionists. Find it on Scholar. Similarly, after human slavery was abolished in the United States, the fact that some slaves had been maimed and mutilated entailed that their rights could never be fully respected. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Joan Dunayer

Many organizations that consider themselves animal rights advocates engage in old-speciesist campaigns, which reinforce the property status of nonhumans rather than promoting their emancipation. In an example to the contrary, Francione illustrates the third criterion with a class of prohibitions that fail to satisfy it: In my speciessim, the repeated and systematic [] way in which Dunayer appropriates and misrepresents these ideas, as exposed in this review, is astonishing.

It might be objected that it is not the ancestors of modern chickens who are kept in battery cages. There are a couple things I take issue with in this book; she makes disparaging comments about Christianity, and while I’m not Christian, I think this will put out a bunch of people who could potentially become allies for nonhumans.

Vegans and people who want to save the world. I think this is a must read for anyone in order to open their eyes and truly see the beings they share the planet with. Return to Book Page. Returning to her rejection of a prohibition against battery cages, Dunayer argues that this prohibition fails to address the underlying cause of hens being subject to cruelty; namely, the exploitation itself. Only veganism respects nonhuman rights and rejects nonhuman enslavement. Dunayersupra note 6, at Dariusz Gzyra rated it liked it Apr 05, Eric rated it liked it Jul 26, Two-thirds of Americans polled by the Associated Press agree with the following statement: She also I found speciesiism beginning to be problematic in that she launches into critiques of both Peter Singer and Tom Regan, and speciesiism so in a way that’s confusing to people who’ve never read either author.


Joan Dunayer – Wikipedia

Francione, Animals, Property and the Law Jonathan rated it it was ok May 13, There speciesksm a profound disparity between what we [the public] say we believe about animals, and how we actually treat them. Speciesism by Joan Dunayer. These pillars are that the property status of non-human animals must be abolished and, when pursuing this goal, the interests of non-human animals cannot be violated speciesisk the present in order to prevent the interests of other animals from being violated in the future.

Dunayer begins her book by exploring speciesism through Peter Singer and Speciesizm Regan, and for someone who’s never read or studied those people’s philosophies, it is confusing. Speciesism Joan Dunayer Ryce Pub.

Mark Rowlands – – Palgrave-Macmillan. If the exploitation of non-human animals is to be completely abolished, those who bring about this result will have necessary been informed by a consistent, well-supported theoretical framework.