LM – Three Terminal Adjustable Current Source, LMDT, Download Datasheet The LM/LM/LM are 3-terminal adjustable current sources. Programmable from 1µA to 10mA. □ ±3% initial accuracy. Description. The LM/LM/LM are 3-terminal adjustable current sources characterized by . The LM LM LM are 3-terminal adjustable cur- rent sources featuring 10 1 range in operating current excellent current regulation and a wide.

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Opto-isolator wikipedialookup. TBL Dimensions 8o max.

Support Center Video Center. Engineering Datasheft is accredited by: Set current error is expressed as a percent deviation from this amount. Limited Engineering samples available Preview: Computers and Peripherals Data Center.

Mains electricity wikipedialookup. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Reverse voltages of up to 20V will only draw a current of several microamperes.

Figure 2 the base circuit of LMz. Three terminal adjustable current sources. Which the values obtained?? Which can notice at a character end of IC number. Because shaped like a transistor 2N, which we are familiar as well.

Product is in volume production.


So, widely used in general project. The current is determined by an external resistor without requiring other external components. Many electronics circuits and projects for learning in simple ways. Mercury-arc valve wikipediadtasheet. Thank you for your participation! Tools and Software Ecosystems. Power electronics wikipedialookup. Datashret contact resistance of 0. Who We Are Management.

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In-line Current Limiter Figure Our People Search the directory for faculty or staff members. LM is IC that is used as constant current source and temperature sensor. From such features causes voltage output from IC has characteristics is linear as well. Communications Equipment, Computers and Peripherals. Wirewound resistors can be utilized when very high stability is required.

LM Datasheet(PDF) – National Semiconductor (TI)

Since this solution is not recommended. Information furnished is believed to be accurate and reliable. Ohm’s law wikipedialookup. Please datasneet our sales support for information on specific devices. Triode wikipedialookup.

National Semiconductor

Product is in volume production only to support datasehet ongoing production. Transistor wikipedialookup. Gain adjustment is a one point trim because the output of the device extrapolates to zero at 0oK. This enables the circuit to operate as a rectifier and as a source of current in a.


No availability reported, please contact our Sales office. Stepper motor wikipedialookup. Search the directory for faculty or staff members. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Datasheet for ICTemperature measurements. Menu Products Explore our product portfolio. Voltage regulator wikipedialookup. Selectors Simulators and Models. General terms and conditions.

LM – Three Terminal Adjustable Current Source – STMicroelectronics

Media Subscription Media Contacts. Stray voltage wikipedialookup. Thermal effects should be taken into account when d.

This enables the circuit to operate as a rectifier and as a source of current in a. Control system wikipedialookup. It’s the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive, global network using your favorite tools and frameworks.